How about addressing US crimes against humanity? With action thoughts on how not to commit them? How to hold abusers accountable. Like insurrectionists, the Israeli government, indicting criminal presidents, indicting even criminal ex-presidents . . .



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Hey guys, no more blah blah blah. Where was Kate Raworth at COP26? She Changes Climate sent a letter last year for equal representation that didn't happen (Forbes). Code Red, guys. We need solutions yesterday, the seeds in our hands for years, the brilliance of which should nonstop engage our minds and our mouths with their potential. Not has-been Obama.

Donella Meadows, Richard Painter, James Kwak, Muhammad Yunus, Heather McGhee, George Lakoff, Michael Osterholm, Physicians for a National Health Program for pete's sake. There's more not to mention what earthsaving individuals and organizations we don't know? They must be pretty fearsome and dangerous to the status quo. Continuing to live on this planet (thanks, thejuicemedia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FqXTCvDLeo ) isn't sufficient reason to hunt down the ideas of these lifesavers too often too simple, too common sensible, and way too cheap for big profit? We're ready for that mental insurgency. Why not start with Ijeoma Oluo?


On the UN stage of Human Rights https://www.un.org/en/about-us/universal-declaration-of-human-rights

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He is the single most disappointing president in my lifetime. I believed him when he ran in 2008. He has turned out to be the most toxic president. I listened to The Meltdown and The Con. They are must listen to information sources. I watched that all unfold with internal rage. The damn mainstream media won't go there. Thanks for what you are doing.

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