The Insurgents
The Insurgents
Ep. 86: The Climate is Fixed ft. Dharna Noor

Ep. 86: The Climate is Fixed ft. Dharna Noor

This week we’re joined again by Dharna Noor, now of the Boston Globe, to go over some of the climate-related issues that have been in the headlines lately. We just saw a number of inspiring speeches at COP 26, the Biden Administration is going full speed ahead with the historic, ambitious Build Back Better Framework, it seems like everything is going pretty good, right? And if it isn’t that’s obviously China’s fault.

We also discuss the current climate disaster unfolding in BC, which the NDP government under John Horgan is responding to by… sending in the RCMP to violently assault and arrest Wet'suwet'en land defenders at the behest of the foreign oil companies that want the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline completed at all costs.

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