The anti #forcethevote left claims to have a more sophisticated understanding of power, but #forcethevote understands that Pelosi's power comes from her fundraising prowess. Donors dictate behavior -- not polite behavior. That Nancy powerful oligarchy donors will align behind another neoliberal shitbird only reinforces this problem. The left will never win at an inside game.

You should know that the institutional left has all agreed that because Joe Biden is against Medicare for All, they're dropping the issue. That's a mistake. The goal should be to make opposition to M4All politically toxic -- not just wait around until the next election cycle.

We have one side arguing that AOC©️ and the rest of 'The Squad'©️ were elected to advance progressive policies so that's what they should do, and the other side arguing that AOC is cool so shut up and leave her alone. The Progressives task is to turn the lights on. The Dem status quo task is to keep them off. The side that wins this battle is the side that wins it all.

You boys are on the wrong side. You're the rearguard of the status quo neoliberal fear mongers.

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