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The Insurgents
Ep. 46: Bye Bye, Honey ft. Benjamin Dixon

Ep. 46: Bye Bye, Honey ft. Benjamin Dixon

So, uh… THAT happened! The election is finally over, kind of, Orange Man Bad has been defeated, we think, and everything in America is finally going to go back to normal. There’s now just the minor question of whether the Democrats can flip the Senate and actually have any hope of accomplishing anything — let alone any of the big bold ideas that Joe Biden apparently campaigned on — over the next few years. Battle lines have already been drawn as the activists who delivered Biden the election are already getting blamed for the otherwise disappointing result for the Democratic Party and the various spooks, neocons and reactionaries who have been invited into the Big Tent are now trying to ensure the party stays commited to carrying out a mostly conservative agenda. Given what we know about Joe Biden’s career, we’re a little concerned with the possibility that they’ll be successful, but luckily we had Benjamin Dixon of the Benjamin Dixon Show return this week to give us a much needed dose of optimism for the future.

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