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Ep. 256: Proof? Who Needs Proof? ft. Dan Boguslaw

Ep. 256: Proof? Who Needs Proof? ft. Dan Boguslaw

An editorial and ethical failure up the entire chain of command at the New York Times.

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Dan Boguslaw is back on the show to talk about his piece in The Intercept revealing what went on at the New York Times in the run up to the story alleging a pattern of systemic, organized sexual assault by Hamas on October 7. These explosive claims, Dan and his co-authors Ryan Grim and Jeremy Scahill found, were not rooted in fact, and the reporters on the story relied on flimsy sourcing. As a result, the piece was used to further justify Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza.

We also talk about Dan’s piece on how one unionized factory manufactures the entire supply of Zyn, and the vote uncommitted campaign in Michigan.

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