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Ep. 191: In The 6 ft. Steve Sladkowski

Ep. 191: In The 6 ft. Steve Sladkowski

Toronto's got a new mayor-elect, it's hot, there's Raptors news, and Canadian media wrestles with big tech.

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PUP’s Steve Sladkowski returns to the show for a Canadian-heavy episode. We talk about Toronto’s mayor-elect Olivia Chow and what needs to be done to revamp the city. Steve helps us understand the parallels between the Canadian political world’s hostility to progressivism and the same animus toward progressives we see here in the states.

We also get into how Canadian media is wrestling with big tech’s control over their industry and how, because we’ve become reliant on social media platforms for news, they have a stranglehold on traffic.

There’s also some sports talk peppered in. 😈

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