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Ep. 183: The Weirdos of Washington ft. Ben Terris

Ep. 183: The Weirdos of Washington ft. Ben Terris

Ben Terris, author of the new book "The Big Break" joins us.

Ben Terris, author of “The Big Break: The Gamblers, Party Animals, and True Believers Trying to Win in Washington While America Loses Its Mind,” joins Jordan for a fun chat about the characters, stories and insights in his new book. The conversation ranges from an oil tycoon’s granddaughter funding progressive politics to a right wing lobbyist faking it until he makes it. We also talk about disgraced face of CPAC Matt Schlapp’s role in DC and how Sean McElwee’s gambling habit, in part, got him pushed out of Data for Progress.

Before Jordan’s conversation with Ben, Rob and Jordan discuss the wildfires in Canada and how Americans’ dismissive attitudes about it (that it’s either some grand conspiracy or “just arson” ultimately miss the point). And Donald Trump gets indicted again. Will anything happen this time?

The Big Break is available here.

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