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Ep. 173: Writers On Strike ft. Olga Lexell

Ep. 173: Writers On Strike ft. Olga Lexell

The Writers Guild of America is on strike. Here's what is at stake.

Olga Lexell joins us to talk about the WGA strike, what writers are calling for, how the shifting landscape toward streaming in the entertainment industry has allowed giant companies to further exploit writers for their work and more.

At the top, we discuss the tragic death of Jordan Neely, who was killed on the New York subway by a bystander. After his death was caught on film, conservatives justified his death as part of their crusade against people experiencing homelessness. We discuss our brutal policies for people living in the margins of society and the open bloodlust people display in moments like this.

Entertainment Community Fund:
GoFundMe for Jordan Neely’s Family:

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