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Ep. 145: Defend The Forest ft. Jack Crosbie

Ep. 145: Defend The Forest ft. Jack Crosbie

Jack Crosbie describes what it was like reporting on the fight to protect Atlanta's South River Forest and the violent police response.
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Jack Crosbie returns this week to discuss his articles in Rolling Stone (here & here) about the effort to stop the development of a sprawling new police training facility or “Cop City” in the heart of Atlanta’s South River Forest. Cop City poses many ecological and community safety risks, but despite overwhelming opposition in city council meetings by members of the community it was greenlit anyway.

Jack traveled to Atlanta to spend some time living with activists who reside in the forest to protect it from developers. As a result, they have been subject to attacks by police with one protester, Tortuguita, being killed by police last week.

In our interview, we discuss what it was like at the camp, the people he met, what they’re fighting for and the harmful ways the city and state have responded, including charging protesters with “domestic terrorism” and the threat to civil liberties that poses.

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