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Ep. 143: Life And Death Under Capitalism ft. Beatrice Adler-Bolton of Death Panel

Ep. 143: Life And Death Under Capitalism ft. Beatrice Adler-Bolton of Death Panel

From minimizing Covid to declaring the pandemic over, the Biden administration offers more of the same after drawing a sharp contrast with Trump during the campaign.
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Beatrice Adler-Bolton, co-author of the new book Health Communism and co-host of the Death Panel podcast, joins us to discuss Bea & co-author Artie Vierkant’s aforementioned book, the irresponsible and minimizing ways the Biden administration and public health officials have responded to Covid, how taking a stance of “the pandemic is over” has left us unprepared for new variants and we take a look at the ways living in a capitalist healthcare system ultimately helped fueled the worst outcomes of Covid. A better world is possible.

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