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The Insurgents
Ep. 131: Manchin's Zombie Pipeline Deal ft. Brad Johnson

Ep. 131: Manchin's Zombie Pipeline Deal ft. Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson, author of Hill Heat, joins us to break down Manchin's new attempts to force through his dirty pipeline bill.

This week, we saw Sen. Joe Manchin attempt to, once again, attach his permitting reform/pipeline bill to a piece of must-pass legislation. After vehement opposition to his chicanery, it appears he may once again be unsuccessful. But for how much longer?

Brad Johnson, author of the tremendous climate news Substack Hill Heat joins us to break it all down, explain how we got to this point and also how Sen. Raphael Warnock winning reelection—giving Democrats 51 seats in the Senate—slightly nullifies Manchin’s ability to hamper legislation.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to include this. This is the event where Jordan is speaking this weekend:

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