The Insurgents
The Insurgents
Ep. 88: Real Gamer Hours (ft. Trevor Strunk, PhD)

Ep. 88: Real Gamer Hours (ft. Trevor Strunk, PhD)

This week we managed to take a little break from our normal depressing chit chat about living in and around a moribund, collapsing empire and just mainly talked about gaming. Congrats to Jordan who has been waging a subtle war of attrition over the last two years to ensure that the podcast would eventually just be a gamer’s rights thing. We’re joined by Trevor Strunk, PhD, aka Hegelbon, host of the No Cartridge podcast and author of the brand new book Story Mode: Video Games & the Interplay Between Consoles & Culture, which you can purchase here. If you are as tired as we are of thinking about what the Democrats are up to or whatever, you’ll enjoy this conversation about Fortnite Lore, our favorite games, the neverending quest for the media to link real world violence to video game violence, how Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty predicted modern America, and a whole lot more.

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