Feb 24, 2020 • 1HR 20M

Ep 5. Bernie Runs the Table (feat George Schmitz)

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The Insurgents
Covering the apocalypse from the left.
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Bernie just destroyed everyone else in Nevada and now this is really happening. The media establishment has still been clinging to the desperate hope that perhaps the Sanders campaign’s momentum had diminished somehow, downplaying his victories in Iowa and New Hampshire as much as possible, but after Saturday it became apparent to everyone that there is an unstoppable movement growing in America that is about to take over the Democratic Party and that every single assumption media gatekeepers had been making for years about Bernie and his supporters was all completely wrong. It made for an incredibly surreal night of cable news, so Rob, Jordan and guest George Schmitz break that down as well as what it was like on the ground in Nevada and what this is going to mean for this primary, the 2020 election and america in general.

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