Oct 15, 2020 • 1HR 3M

Ep. 43: Frack Free or Die ft. Karthik Ganapathy

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Drill, baby, drill…because we need to win Pennsylvania, or something? Anyway, we’ll figure that out later because there’s a new episode ready for you. Today we’re joined by Karthik Ganapathy, former Bernie & Keith Ellison staffer and now co-founder of mvmt communiciations. Karthik, who just published this piece in the Nation on Dems tepid stance on fracking & other environmental hazards, talks with us about the “Joe Biden won’t ban fracking” line, how the Dems must address climate change in an electoral context, the stimulus fight, the Amy Coney Barrett nomination battle, and more. This was a good conversation, we think you’ll enjoy it.

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Photo: Food & Water Watch/Facebook