Aug 12 • 58M

Ep. 199.9: Fear & Loathing in Hell World ft. Luke O'Neil

It's pretty grim out there. But we can take solace in, uh... sorry I forgot where I was going with this

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Rob Rousseau
Covering the apocalypse from the left.
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Jordan’s still on the move — but took time to very generously agree to give up his podcast revenue share — so today Rob is speaking to Luke O’Neil, author of Welcome to Hell World and the new collection of short fiction A Creature Wanting Form (which you can purchase by clicking the link there.)

There’s some sports chat, we talk about the conflicting emotions involved in being Weezer Guys, but mainly we spent most of the time relitigating the 2015 Democratic Primary. Not enough people are doing that! In all seriousness Luke has really carved out a place for himself as a must-read documentarian of the grim reality of modern America so it was great to have him appear on this episode.

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