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Ep. 167: The Show Goes On ft. LucidFoxx
Ep. 167: The Show Goes On ft. LucidFoxx
The California Senator is refusing to step down despite not being able to fulfil her obligations in the Senate.

LucidFoxx returns to the show this week to discuss Sen. Dianne Feinstein refusing to resign despite being absent for months, missing over 50 votes and holding up the judicial confirmation process. Her supporters and Dem loyalists insist she should be able to resign “on her time” but as this debate plays out, the right is, yet again, using the court system to further chip away at abortion rights.

We also discuss the classified documents leak on Discord, “crime” in San Francisco, “anti-woke beer” and much more.

Rob also becomes an honorary Ohioan and we discuss plans for the show in 2024.

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